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Go behind the scenes with top vitamin D and COVID-19 researchers and experts 

Vitamin D: Busting myths and pregnancy support

Not only was Dr. Michael Holick the first to isolate and identify the active form of vitamin D, but he also played a key role in developing a vitamin D treatment for various conditions including metabolic disease in infants and children as well as patients who were wheelchair bound due to kidney disease.

In this interview, Dr. Holick shares his clinical observations, the connection between vitamin D and calcium and how this translates to the recommendations for various age groups. Dr. Holick will cover why it’s so important for pregnant mothers or breastfeeding mothers to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D and how it translates to the fetus/ baby. Plus, Dr. Holick busts the myth of “you can just get vitamin D from going outside.”

Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine Physiology and Biophysics at Boston University School of Medicine

Go behind the scenes of Vitamin D & Me!

Vitamin D and Me!™ provides an easy-to-use portal on all things vitamin D and COVID-19. Since launching earlier this year, the Vitamin D and Me!™ website has served millions of consumers. In this candid interview, Dr. Susan Hewlings, director of scientific affairs at Nutrasource and key contributor to Vitamin D and Me!™, takes us behind the scenes and shows us the various aspects of the Vitamin D and Me!™ website.

Susan Hewlings, Ph.D., RD

Director, Scientific Affairs, Nutrasource

Vitamin D’s Role in Supporting Immune Function and Combatting Disease

Have you ever wondered how exactly vitamin D plays a role in immune function and in diseases like HIV and COVID-19? Learn from Dr. Grace McComsey as she shares from her experience and extensive research how vitamin D is used by the body and why healthcare practitioners tend to recommend varying amounts. Plus, learn how to best set yourself up for protection in the event of another pandemic (hint: vitamin D is included in this power pack!).

Grace McComsey, M.D., FIDSA

Vice President, Research and Associate Chief Scientific Officer, University Hospitals Health System

Associate Principal Investigator, Cleveland CTSC, Case Western Reserve University

What’s Next for Vitamin D, Wellness, and COVID-19

Vitamin D researcher and expert Dr. Ganmaa Davaasambuu explores what’s next for science and development regarding vitamin D, wellness, and COVID-19. Learn more about how nutrients work together with vitamin D; vitamin D’s impact on acute respiratory diseases like pneumonia; the relationship between disease and vitamin D deficiency, and more. Plus, get an inside look to current research being conducted related to vitamin D and immunity!

Ganmaa Davaasambuu, Ph.D., M.D.

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School and Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health; Associate Epidemiologist, Brigham and Women Hospital

All About Vitamin D Intake Research

One of the founding fathers of vitamin D research, Bruce Hollis, Ph.D., discuses why Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) may not be the best approach for studying vitamin D; how the FDA keeps watch on vitamin D supplement claims; and precautions for overdosing. Get an inside look at Dr. Hollis’ high vitamin D intake research. Plus, discover why following a “normal diet” may not guarantee adequate levels of vitamin D and what the difference is between the various vitamin D forms.

Dr. Bruce Hollis, Ph.D.

Director of Pediatric Nutritional Sciences,
Medical University of South Carolina

How Vitamin D is Used in Your Body

Listen in as we learn from vitamin D expert, Dr. Carol Wagner. In this light hearted interview with William Rowe, Dr. Wagner shares insights on different types of immunity, how vitamin D acts with other nutrients like calcium, and children’s health and immunity in relation to vitamin D. You’ll learn how vitamin D is used by your body from various sources and what role white blood cells play in infection control.

Dr. Carol Wagner, M.D.

Neonatologist, Professor of Pediatrics
Medical University of South Carolina

How Vitamin D Works for Me Differently Than it Does for You

Join us as we learn from Dr. Vatsal Thakkar, MD about his discoveries in working with vitamin D and what that means for you! As we dive into the conversation, you’ll learn about:

  • Which factors may put individuals at risk of vitamin D deficiency
  • Trends seen in subpopulations
  • The research behind vitamin D and COVID-19 and
  • Other interesting concepts like the science behind vitamin D, deficiency and skin tone
Dr. Vatsal G. Thakkar, M.D.

Physician, Founder & Chief Medical Officer

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